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The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, offers enterprise developers a simplified, component-based approach to creating applications for both intranets and the Internet. Created by the Enterprise Team of the Java Software group at Sun Microsystems, Designing Enterprise Applications with the Java(tm) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition describes the application configurations supported by the J2EE platform and presents practical guidelines for determining the best design for particular needs.

It explores web-based clients based on Java servlets and Java ServerPages, middle-tier solutions using Enterprise JavaBeans technology, and backend connections based on JDBC technology. It also presents security, deployment, transaction management, and other key issues for today’s applications.

Using both smaller code samples and a full-scale e-commerce example, this book provides concrete guidelines to assist with mastering the features and benefits of the J2EE platform.

Chapters include:
An introduction to the J2EE platform and several scenarios for Internet and intranet applications built on the J2EE platform
An in-depth discussion of the technologies provided by the J2EE platform How to create Web-based applications implemented with Java servlets and JavaServer Pages technologies
How to implement the middle tier of J2EE applications using Enterprise JavaBeans component technology
How to connect new J2EE applications to existing information systems using JDBC and other technologies
A discussion of packaging and deploying applications for the J2EE platform
Information on techniques, both automatic and programmatic, for managing transactions
An in-depth exploration of the security features provided by the J2EE platform
A complete hands-on example of an e-commerce application—the Java Pet Store Demo—written using these design guidelines
A glossary of terms used in discussing the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition and its technologies

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