Скачать Rapid J2EE Development: An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications – Alan Monnox

J2EE is today’s premier platform for enterprise-level development, but it’s difficult to deliver J2EE solutions as quickly as today’s businesses need them. This book presents a complete, practical foundation for rapid development throughout your entire project lifecycle. Its best-practice techniques and tools don’t just accelerate development — they help you adapt smoothly to increasing complexity and non-stop change.

You’ll learn how to make the most of iterative development, model-driven architecture (MDA), code-generation tools, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), test-driven development, and much more.

Coverage includes
— Defining end-to-end J2EE development strategies that promote speed without compromising quality
— Understanding how your design-time decisions impact overall project schedules
— Building agile application architectures that promote rapid development
— Using UML modeling to streamline system design and validation
— Speeding database development with code generation and object-relational mapping
— Practical test-driven development: constructing automated unit test suites and using mock objects to «test from the inside out»
— Leveraging the full value of Eclipse and other IDEs

If you’re a J2EE developer, project leader, or manager, you’re under constant pressure to deliver quality applications more rapidly. Rapid J2EE Development gives you all the skills and resources you need to respond.

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