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As promised to my readers that I will be posting any free ebook/resources i come across the net, this time I bring you a really good one.

This is companion guide or promotional ebook written on SEO, for software SEO Studio at 70$ software which as usual i do not recommend buying, because every tool you need for SEO is out there for free and I promised i will never make my readers spend a cent. Even if you do not own that software this book has a lot of good information which can be very useful even without the software.

It teaches you from SEO techniques as basic as Article submission to as advance as Viral Marketing.

It is a must read for every SEO aspirant and I highly recommend reading it.

Unlike those crappy little ebooks targeted just for selling the affiliate products, this book is quite different. Book has been written in sufficient detail and the efforts of the author can be easily appreciated. Author has really put a lot of hard work and effort writing this, and it is very much appreciated.

So go grab your copy and read!

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