Скачать Microsoft Expression Blend Bible – Gurdy Leete, Mary Leete

Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer will simplify the development of rich, interactive Web applications and this comprehensive reference introduces every tool and characteristic of this new software.

Detailing the ins and outs of the program, veteran authors Gurdy and Mary Leete provide professional Web designers, developers, and serious home users with the know-how they need to create amazing Web sites.

Readers interested in online game development will enjoy the coverage of 3D Web animations-something Flash can’t do.

Key topics include working with drawings, text, and 3D objects;
adding audio, video, and animation;
programming Expression Interactive Designer;
and more.

Discusses how to integrate this program with the Vista operating system as well as other components of the Expression suite.

Create amazing interfaces that encourage visitors

The impact of an aesthetically pleasing user interface is remarkable. Web site visitors respond eagerly to attractive, easy-to-use designs, and Blend allows you to create these with much less effort. This A-to-Z guide shows you how to design a new generation of applications that make the most of digital media, including animation, 3D, audio and video, sophisticated typography, and other stunning visual effects—all without bogging down in code. Here’s everything you need to succeed with Blend.

Apply principles of interactive design, graphic design, and animation
Create and transform vector graphics
Explore animated transparencies and opacity masks
Use ready-made Windows® Presentation Foundation controls, or create your own
Connect your applications to data sources

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